New homes for KI’s Little Penguins

The Little Penguins of Kangaroo Island have officially moved into their new homes with the installation of three new clay nesting modules on the Emu Bay foreshore, thanks to a joint-project between Flinders University Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Penguin Ecologist Dr Diane Colombelli-Négrel, marine scientist and PhD student at the University of Adelaide Sarah-Lena Reinhold, the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network, and Tasmanian artist Jane Bamford.

Flinders University penguin ecologist Dr Diane Colombelli-Négrel (left) and University of Adelaide PhD student Sarah-Lena Reinhold with one of the modules.

Little Penguin populations on Kangaroo Island have been declining in recent years, and the scientists hope the modules will be able to provide the Little Penguins with a safe environment to improve population numbers.

Before the modules were installed, they were fitted with an iButton to measure temperature and humidity, and will continue to be monitored for their use during moulting and nesting seasons.

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