Stars of Flinders University honoured in annual awards

The best and the brightest stars of Flinders University have been recognised in the 2021 Staff Awards, which were held last Friday in the Plaza at Bedford Park.

Created to celebrate the remarkable staff across the University, the annual awards honour the individuals and teams who contribute to the University’s reputation as an exceptional place to work and study. The 2021 awards saw the introduction of new award categories to further recognise staff across more areas of the University.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling opened the event, and thanked staff for their efforts during difficult times

Flinders University President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling spoke at the event, and highlighted the impact that exceptional staff can have on those around them.

“You are the heart and soul of Flinders University, and it is the sum of your dedication, successes, and achievements that provides confidence we will continue to grow and thrive well into the future,” says Professor Stirling.

“I hope all the incredible individuals and teams recognised will serve as tangible examples of the importance of the work done by all our staff.”

Associate Professor Tur and Professor Craig

The inaugural Flinders Reconciliation Awards were given to individuals and teams who have made extraordinary efforts in leading the promotion of Reconciliation across Flinders University. This award also recognises the key role these staff play in the University’s journey towards Reconciliation, which would not be possible without the support and efforts of staff.

The following individuals were awarded for their passion and the work they are contributing to ensuring that we continue on the journey towards Reconciliation.

  • Dr Ali Baker, HASS
  • Associate Professor Maree Meredith, MPH
  • Julie Rayner, Corporate Services

Three teams were awarded Flinders Reconciliation Awards in 2021, for their prioritisation of Reconciliation within their units and for their championing of it to the wider community.

  • The Flinders University Museum of Art team: Fiona Salmon, Nic Brown, Madeleine Reece, Liam McGeagh and Brianna Speight
  • The Library RAP Working Group: Bas Degroot, Pixie Stardust, Rachael Elliott, Tanya Prendergast, Towsif Ahmed, Debbie Wallis, Tim Ormsby and Veronica Ghee
  • The Social Work Innovation Research Living Space (SWIRLS) team: Luke Cantley, Donna Quinn, Sarah Wendt, Michelle Jones, Carmela Bastian, Kate Seymore, Daniel Quinn and Hayley Anderson

Professor Stirling speaks with members of the Open Days 365 Dream Team

The Professional Staff Awards, revived and improved to include individual and team awards, recognises the professional staff who go above and beyond to make a difference at Flinders.

  • Flinders Student Centred Award: Ms Kate Sieber, Enrolment and Course Advisor, SAS
  • Flinders Innovation Award: Mr Grant Jackson, Library Data Specialist, Library
  • Flinders Integrity Award: Ms Beth Prior, Content Strategy Lead, Library
  • Flinders Courage Award: Miss Karlee Button, Rural and Remote Health NT
  • Flinders Excellence Award: Mrs Helen Hodges, Senior Advisor, Orientation and Transition Support, DVC (Students)
  • Flinders Excellence Award: Mrs Karen Jacobs, HDR Strategic Operations and Quality Assurance Partner, Office of Graduate Research

For the first time, teams that have shown significant achievements through their work have been recognised with the Dream Team Award.

  • Open Days Cross-University Working Group: Harpreet Arora, Jody Allen, Mark Banta, Simon Behenna, Jarrad Benson, Chris Carapetis, Chantel Crossman, Melissa Keogh, Bec Kirk, Sally Kloeden, Lucy Koeppen, Vanessa Lobban, Natalie Lucas, Manu Manuel, Kelly Meier, Eliza Oatway, Peta Pool, Katherine Reaiche, Esther Sterk, Nathan Swan, Susannah Tidemann, Terry Webb and Natasha Worm
  • Campus Operations team: Craig Brown, Matthew Green, Andrew Heatley, Tom Kempson, Anthony Nabkey, Cameron Scharnberg and Darrel Vandermeer

Staff who have been with the University for 25 years were awarded the Staff Service Award in recognition of their quarter century of service.

Attendees at the event held in the Plaza on Friday 3 December
  • Associate Professor Peter Anderson (CSE)
  • Mr Andrew Bailey (Corporate Services/HASS)
  • Dr Anita De Bellis (NHS)
  • Associate Professor Julia Erhart (HASS)
  • Mrs Natalie Foreman (Office of DVC (Students))
  • Mrs Nina Lindner (People and Culture)
  • Miss Megan Ottewell (SAS)
  • Mrs Tanya Prendergast (Library)
  • Mrs Clare Salt (CILT)

The 2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Innovation in Teaching recognises the agile, responsive and enterprising teaching practices that see our teaching staff committed to excellence.

The winners are:

  • Dr Luis da Vinha (BGL)
  • Dr Tim Rayner and his team, Dr Narelle Campbell, Mrs Deb Boyko, Mrs Anthea Cayetano and Mr Andy Thomas (MPH)

The 2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching recognises and rewards teaching excellence and aims to promote and encourage continual improvements through the recognition.

The winners are:

  • Dr Eric Parisot (HASS)
  • Dr Sandra Mortimer and Mrs Ellice Willcourt (NHS)

The bright minds of the University’s up-and-coming researchers are honoured in the 2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Researcher Awards, for their contributions to improving lives.

The winners are:

  • Dr Alyce Martin (MPH)
  • Dr Daryl Wesley (HASS)
  • Dr John McCarthy (HASS)
  • Dr Brittany Johnson (NHS)
  • Dr Steven Taylor (MPH)
  • Dr Ahmad Abuhelwa (MPH)
  • Dr Kathina Ali (EPSW)
  • Dr Amal Mohamed Osman (MPH)
  • Dr Madele Van Dyk (MPH)
  • Dr Yanting Yin (SE)
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