Boost your research profile with MCERA

The Media Centre for Education Research Australia (MCERA) invites academics to attend a workshop focused on reframing your research for blog posts and op-ed pieces.

The Writing For Different Audiences workshop is aimed at education researchers, however academics across all colleges are welcome to attend as the communication tips will be suitable for any topic.

This session will be held at 2.30pm ACSTon Monday 11 April  via Zoom and feature presentations from Dr Jenna Price and Professor Jenny Gore.

Dr Price, being a seasoned journalist, columnist and editor of the AARE blog EduResearch Matters, is well-placed to advise what makes for a compelling piece of non-academic writing. She is now a visiting fellow at ANU, after 15 years in academia.

Professor Jenny Gore, of the University of Newcastle, is adept at using her research to inform op-ed pieces, which have featured in a range of publications.

Hosted by MCERA CEO Dr Shannon Schedlich, this 30-minute session will be recorded for any interested academics who are not able to attend.

The session is open to AARE members and researchers at subscriber universities, which includes Flinders University.

Register with MCERA

Researchers are also invited to register with MCERA for the opportunity to take part in expert rapid responses.

When education hits the news, MCERA will rapidly locate experts on the topic and outline the timeframe for researchers to respond within (which may be as short as two hours), asking for 100-150 words on the topic, plus contact details.

The creation of rapid responses is integral to ensuring that journalists understand the complexities of topical issues. Journalists can quote the comments directly from a rapid response, or they might follow up with researchers to run interviews. You can see how comments are brought together here.

Researchers can register online here, or you can register individual pieces of research here.

See below for a short video explaining the process.




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