Research funding targets men’s health

Nine Flinders University researchers have secured funding for research programs that respond to some of the most important health and wellbeing challenges facing men, boys, their families and communities.

The funding is a result of Flinders University and the Flinders Foundation signing an agreement in March 2021 with the Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing Research Alliance.

The following projects received funding in 2021 and have been awarded further funding to continue their projects in 2022:

Associate Professor Tamara Mackean was awarded $65,000 for the project “Translation of knowledge into practice: building the wellbeing of Aboriginal men and boys using an ecological framework”.

Associate Professor Luke Selth has been awarded $55,000 for the project “Investigating the effects of androgen therapies on the prostate immune system”.

Dr Gobert Lee’s project “Deep decision-making for prostate tumour Gleason Score 7 – Active surveillance or radical treatment?” was awarded $16,200.

Associate Professor Michael O’Callaghan was awarded $25,000 for the project “Expanding clinical prostate cancer research capacity through a Master of Surgery scholarship dedicated to prostate cancer research”.

Dr Norma B. Bulamu’s research into “Quality of life assessment in routine care for prostate cancer” was awarded $66,200.

Associate Professor Ben Wadham was awarded $115,700 for the project “Veteran suicide: Men, Health, Service”.

Dr Ryan Balzan and his project “Maximising the effectiveness of psychological treatment for young men with psychosis” received $26,200 in funding.

Professor Robert Adams received $65,000 to further the research project “Using COVID-19 pandemic data on mental and physical health in Australian men to design Just In Time Adaptive interventions”.

Professor Murray Drummond’s project looking into “Masculinity and mental health: shaping the attitudes, behaviours and education of young men through sport” has received $105,700.

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