Join your colleagues in exploring Canvas

Flinders University is making the move to a new Learning Management System called Canvas, and staff can now sign up for access to a sandpit environment so they can begin exploring and testing the new system.

A staged transition to Canvas will begin in 2023, with staff being able to opt-in throughout the year via several ‘opt-in windows’. The current LMS will remain in place throughout 2023 to support this staged approach, but all teaching and learning will take place in Canvas from 2024 and beyond.

If you would like access to a sandpit environment to explore Canvas, and review some introductory content, then please fill out this sandpit request form. Your sandpit environment is just for you to play in – you can’t break anything, and no one is going to see what you’re doing. Use this opportunity to have a good look around and exercise your curiosity by trying everything.

Because the Canvas sandpit is a ‘play space’, please do not start building your topics here. Nothing will be transferred from the sandpit space into Canvas which you will use for teaching.

A Canvas Community of Practice is being established to foster knowledge sharing and to build collaborative support. If you have prior experience with Canvas or are keen to be part of the Community, please indicate this on the sandpit request form. The Community will connect with colleagues, collaborate and share lessons learnt and help to build collective Canvas knowledge.

If you have questions about the project, email and visit the Canvas Program web pages for more details –

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