Is your Moodle content ready to be migrated?

The final migration of content from Moodle to Canvas will happen on Monday 7 August. Please prepare your content for migration now.

Updates made before Monday 7 August will be included in the migration and available within your Canvas site.

Videos within Kaltura and linked within your topic content will be migrated to Canvas Studio and relinked as part of the process. Kaltura is not available within Canvas.

Collaborate recordings required for teaching need to be downloaded. Those uploaded to Kaltura and linked within your content before 7 August will be migrated. Otherwise, you will need to manually upload them to Canvas Studio. Content cannot be migrated directly from Collaborate.

More information can be found via FLO Staff Support or through the eLearning (FLO) staff support teams

For further details or assistance, click on the Canvas page here.

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