Meet the Non-Research Contracts Team

The Non-Research Contracts Team at Flinders University prepares, reviews and negotiates all non-research contracts, and assists with the approval, signature and filing of contracts. Following recent changes, the Non-Research Contract Team now comprises three Legal Officers and Two Contract Officers.

For contracts within the Colleges of Science and Engineering, Nursing and Health Sciences and Education, Psychology and Social Work, Contracts Officer Kate Hoge and/or Legal Officer Chee Loke are available to assist.

For assistance within the Colleges of Medicine and Public Health, Business, Government and Law and Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, please connect with Contracts Officer Joanna Williamson and/or Legal Officer Nick Dowling.

Legal Officer Sylvia Corenlius handles all matters concerning the Portfolios of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students), International, Chief of Staff and Corporate Services, including IDS and Finance & Procurement.

To get in contact with the Non-Research Contracts team, raise a Service One request – and you can raise a request on a new matter by clicking here. If an extension or variation of an existing contract is being requested, click here.

To ensure your request is able to be processed efficiently, please ensure you include the following information in your request:

  • Key Details/Terms: Enter all the key details relating to your contract. These include:
    • Other party’s details including full legal name, ABN, address & key contact’s details
    • Detailed description of the services or goods to be provided/received.
    • Delivery dates for services/goods.
    • The fees payable/receivable under the contract (including any GST) & payment dates
    • The expected start date and duration of the contract.

Key tip: If your contract is urgent let us know the time that you need it by.  It will allow us to prioritise the matter accordingly.

  • Attach Key Documentation/Approvals: attach any supporting documentation including any internal approvals you have sourced. For example:
    • Any quotes, SOWs or proposals provided by the other party which relate to this request.
    • For expenditure contracts:
      • The Exemption from Quotation Form – This is required by the Procurement Policy for expenditure over $7,500 if alternative quotations were not obtained.
      • The Acquisition Plan signed by Procurement – This is required for any expenditure over $100,000.
      • Strategic Procurement Committee (SPC) Approval – This is required for any expenditure over $300,000.
    • For Revenue Contracts: The Non-Research Certification Form
    • This is required if the contract involves Flinders receiving revenue greater than $10,000 or
    • If a levy exemption is being sought (irrespective of the value of the contract).
  • Other Factors to Consider: Certain contracts will require additional authorisations/approvals which you may need to seek ahead of time before requesting a contract, for example:
    • International Parties: If a party is located overseas International may need to be notified of the contract.
    • Cloud Hosting/IT contracts: If the contract involves our data being hosted in the cloud by another party an ICT Security review may need to occur to ensure that the data will be stored in a safe manner.
    • Joint Course Delivery Agreements: If the contract involves a new short course or an award based course which is being delivered then DVC(S) may need to be notified.
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