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We thank the 101 wonderful Learning Coaches who support and guide Flinders MD students throughout their four-year medical course. Students are assigned a Learning Coach in first year and they meet each semester (twice per year), with coaches helping students to develop capacity as self-regulated learners and utilise feedback to inform their learning. Our Learning Coaches are able to be awarded Academic Status, receive ongoing support, access to Flinders professional development opportunities and a certificate of appreciation for CPD purposes. This month we profile one our learning coaches and one student, to share their experiences of the program.

Raveen Kumar: MD Student Yr 3
The Learning Coach program has been a great avenue for me to approach medicine in a more comprehensive manner, by empowering me to take ownership of my own learning and development in a professional and personal context. I think that the program has educated and shaped the way I assess my own progress in terms of the CLOs even in my everyday life, and has inculcated the habit of constantly addressing my strengths and weaknesses as I progress through medical school.

Professor Bryone Kuss is an excellent Learning Coach and I am truly grateful for her unwavering guidance, mentorship and support. She always engages with my learning plans in a meaningful way and I always look forward to our next meetings. She has never failed in navigating me through my own personal struggles in medical school. I do strongly believe that this program when used right, is an excellent tool for students to tap on to unlock their full potential as a medical practitioner and professional in a holistic manner. – Raveen – 

Dr Ryan Bekeris: Learning Coach
Although I have only been a learning coach for one year, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process so far. Getting to see my students grow over the last year has been amazing and very rewarding to be a part of their journey. It has been such a pleasure to focus on their learning and reflective skills rather than just their grades. I look forward to helping them to achieve their fullest potential over the next three years.

L-R: Dr Ryan Bekeris, Prof Bryone Kuss, Raveen Kumar

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