Farewell Dr Julie Halbert, Deputy MD Director

Dear Colleagues,

This month we farewell Dr Julie Halbert, and acknowledge her significant contributions to developing and improving the Flinders MD.  Julie joined the College of Medicine and Public Health (CMPH) in 2020 as the Heaslip Fellow tasked with evaluating the medical course. A few months later, this evaluation turned to clinical placements for medical students in the time of COVID‐19 with Julie, Professor Alison Jones and Liam Ramsey (former FMSS president) publishing reflections in The Medical Journal of Australia.

Julie was subsequently appointed as Senior Lecturer (Evaluation and Monitoring) and joined the MD Directorate earlier this year. In this short time, Julie has significantly impacted MD teaching and assessment, including:

·        strengthening connections with the NT Medical Program

·        collaborating with FMSS to ensure student-centredness of the medical course

·        multiple program evaluations

·        development and alignment of the clinical placement model for SA and the NT

·        leading the professionalism working group

Julie has kept us all focussed on the big picture. She helped to articulate our shared vision and mission for the Flinders MD and has ensured our continued alignment with the AMC Standards for Assessment and Accreditation of Primary Medical Programs.

I would personally like to thank Julie for the work she has done and the support that she has provided to me, Academic and Professional staff, our clinical colleagues and the medical students across the Flinders axis.

(Recruitment for the Level C Lecturer position will begin shortly.)

Your questions and feedback are welcome. Please email clinicians@flinders.edu.au.

Regards, Michal

Dr Michal Wozniak MBBS FRACGP
Medical Program (MD)
Flinders University

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