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FMSS would like to acknowledge the Kaurna people, the original custodians of this land, and recognise the relationship between Indigenous people and the lands and waters of the Adelaide Plains, on which we learn and grow every day.

So, what does FMSS actually do?”

Initially, I felt quite overwhelmed by this question, because the list is limitless. On reflection, however, I now smile and almost feel satisfied by this query. This is because I have learned that the role of a leader is not always to be seen, heard or known. In fact, the most successful leaders are often those who people do not even realise exist. The question, “What does FMSS do?” is testament to the fact that behind the scenes our committee is advocating effectively, organising thoroughly and addressing concerns so proactively that our members may not even understand that we are anticipating their expectations and needs before they are even expressed. At our Annual General Meeting this month, however, I tried to answer this question by presenting a slide listing everything I could think of that FMSS has achieved in 2022. To say the least, the gasp in the audience did not go unnoticed when their eyes fell on the screen which could barely fit so many words on one page.

In saying all of this, however, we are in no way perfect. Accepting that no leader can be perfect for all has personally been one of the most challenging aspects of my role this year. If we ask all of you what you look for in a leader, you will all have very different answers. However, if you ask individuals what they do not want in a leader, the answers may come to you more naturally. This highlights the challenge of leadership – how complex it is to integrate and pragmatically manage and prioritise everyone’s very different expectations.

Recently, the FMSS Executive Committee celebrated together over dinner, reflecting on our friendship, achievements and unforgettable moments this year. I am so immensely proud of their cohesive, positive, and proactive leadership. Truly, such inspirational individuals and an even better group of friends! Currently, our outgoing committee members are organising thorough handovers for the incoming 2023 committee. Furthermore, the final event on the 2022 FMSS calendar is the much awaited Graduation Week, consisting of Cricket Day, Professional Development Day, Wine Tour, Graduation Ball, and a Garden Party following the Graduation Ceremony. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to congratulate the Class of 2022 for completing medical school – it has been an honour to be a member of and represent this beautiful cohort, and witness how we have become such an important part of each other’s journeys. Thank you to all the staff, clinicians and volunteers in the medical college who have supported us throughout the MD programme. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all!

It is evident that FMSS leaders in 2022 have been driven by their passion for giving back, an admirable and generous quality to possess. It has been an honour to represent this wonderful society, and I am so, so proud of how much we have accomplished. I truly believe we have left a lasting and positive impact on our medical school and its students. We are here to constantly empower and support our members throughout these complex and challenging times, reminding them of the importance of companionship and collegiality. I have no doubt that the incoming committee, led by Christine Masoulf (President, 2023) and Jordyn Tomba (Senior Vice President, 2023) will champion positivity and cohesiveness, and continue to maintain FMSS’ applaudably high standards. We wish them all the best, and cannot wait to see what they achieve.

The 2022 FMSS committee at Wright Evan’s Med Ball 2022, themed Enchanted Forest
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