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Learning Coaches support medical students to become competent, reflective practitioners

Coaching is a dynamic, interactive process that supports students to become reflective practitioners. Coaching supports students to become skilled in evaluating their strengths and limitations and use this information to set and achieve actionable learning goals.

Coaching speaks to possibility and action. It requires a diverse skillset of active listening, powerful questioning, observation, and constructive feedback – with the ultimate aim of supporting students to prepare for, and become, the best doctors they can be.

Just like a sports coach, Learning Coaches do not require medical expertise. Rather, their skills lie in the ability to observe, judge, and guide students to identify and work towards their own goals. Provide students with content and they learn to pass exams. Equip them with the skills to understand how they engage with content, and they learn to become lifelong learners and capable doctors.

​​​​​​​Coaching is transformative – for both students and coaches. At the heart of coaching is the partnership between the student and their coach. It is this relationship that lies at the core of its success.


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