FlinSafe – safety on campus

FlinSafe is the Work Health and Safety reporting and data management system used by Flinders University.

Non-staff including academic status holders, contractors or others can access the FlinSafe Public portal to report accident / incidents or near miss.

FlinSafe is used to report accident/ incidents for Flinders University activities or sites only.

Some examples include:

  • Accident / Incident on a Flinders University campus, including teaching facilities located on non-Flinders University premises for example Flinders Medical Centre (FMC).
  • Flinders Student injured on work placements.
  • Accident / incidents that Involves Flinders Staff and / or students.

*** Please add the injured person as the first person to the incident when reporting. ***

Persons employed by other organisations should also report incident/ accident to their employer (dual-reporting).

Reports not for FlinSafe include:

  • Non-Flinders University location (and does not involve any Flinders staff and/ or students). Once reported, accident/ incidents will processed and may require further investigation.
  • If you are unsure whether accident/ incident should be reported in FlinSafe, and for further information and support about FlinSafe and reporting Flinders University accidents/ incidents, please contact whs@flinders.edu.au or call 0882013024.

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