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“My career goal is to achieve a top position in the field of finance,” says Flinders Business accounting student Mittimannage Chamara Perera. Furthering his education by studying a Masters of Accounting and Finance, Chamara is on the way to achieving his ambitions.

“I would also like to start my own business, and the knowledge of finance is most helpful for that.”

Practical learning opportunities

With experience in the industry already under his belt, Chamara was drawn to the practical learning opportunities at Flinders University.

“I most enjoy the teaching style and the study materials as it is more focussed on the practical working world,” he said. “The Financial Accounting Issues topic was very useful to me, to enhance my existing knowledge, as it covered most current issues in accounting.”

This subject, like most others in his course, includes a weekly seminar as well as a small group tutorial, allowing Chamara and his classmates to get access to small class size learning and more opportunities for one-to-one support.

Adelaide community and lifestyle

It hasn’t just been the course content that Chamara loves about his studies – he has also relished the opportunity to get involved in the university community. Flinders has a range of clubs and societies available through the Flinders University Students Association, allowing students to connect with like-minded people and communities.

“I have been involved in some charity activities which are organised by our Sri Lankan Association in Adelaide. Recently we had a food festival to assist some Sri Lankan school students who live in rural areas without power in their houses, providing solar powered lights.”

Chamara was first made aware of Flinders University after it was recommended to him by a friend in Adelaide. He was drawn to the idea of further study after learning that the University is ranked among the top 2% of higher education institutions in the world.

Flinders is ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world (THE World University Rankings 2020 as a percentage of the total number of universities in the world according to the International Association of Universities)

Now in his penultimate year of a Masters of Accounting and Finance, Chamara has found his Masters a challenging – and rewarding – experience. Particularly thanks to the staff and tutors he has met along the way, who have been key in supporting Chamara’s learning.

Inspirational teachers

Dr Wee Ching Pok is a very good tutor, as she tried to teach in the very simplest way some complex theories so that everybody can understand. Also, she makes sure all students are actively participating in tutorial classes.”

The Flinders Business Master of Accounting and Finance teaches students how to understand accounting and financial management, as well as strategic and operational planning/decision-making. Chamara and his peers have learnt how to apply the professional accounting body ethical standards to professional and business scenarios, and there is a strong focus on ensuring he gains industry insights throughout his course.

Completing his Masters in 2020, Chamara is looking for opportunities now to apply the things he’s learned with an internship in accounting and finance next on his list.

Real life experience

“I already have some working experience, and also it will help me to apply what I learnt in Masters into practice and familiarise myself with the Australian working environment.” Chamara is about to start his practical placement, and is in the process of sourcing an ideal work environment for his internship.

For those thinking of completing further study with Flinders University, Chamara says that his experience has been crucial in preparing him for the next step in his career.

“I highly recommend Business at Flinders as it provides high-quality education with advanced technology, and prepares you for the working world.”

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