5 reasons online study won’t let COVID-19 derail your career

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Online study has never been more accessible and important than in 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel, it’s the perfect time to up-skill yourself with the competencies and qualifications essential in a modern-day workplace.

As new modes of learning emerge and, ‘old online learning models being replaced and revolutionised with instructional content delivery, learning activities and social communication*’, now, more than ever, is your time to excel online.

Read on to discover 5 reasons why you can’t let COVID-19 delay your career and why you should study online now – and join us on-campus later – with Flinders University.

Study online Flinders University

Don’t waste your time – study online

When borders reopen, many people will be applying for university to get their life back on track. So why not take control of your future now by studying online? As life returns to (relative) normal, you will be in a better position than when COVID-19 started.

Get ahead of the competition while the world is on hold. Ensure that when a career opportunity arises, you will be in the best position to take it – with an excellent, quality education behind you.

Additionally, the Australian Government has announced a number of changes to student visa agreements, including the option to begin your studies online with an intention to transition to on-campus study when borders reopen – and have those courses count towards your Australian study requirements for a post-work visa. For more information, visit the Department of Home Affairs website here.

For Thi Huong Nguyen who is studying for a Master of Information Technology from Vietnam, it was an easy decision to study online with Flinders University.

Discover more information on studying a Master of Information Technology here.

“I didn’t want to put my future on hold, and Flinders allowed offshore students to study a part-time load, two or three topics per semester, so I started to study online and will join Flinders on-campus later.”

Flinders student studying online
Thi Huong Nguyen studying online at home

Gain skills employers value

Studying online is not only a great way to learn the knowledge and skills of your degree, but it forces you to learn in a way similar to how you would in the workplace. You need to be self-motivated to learn the content of your degree and complete the coursework without physically going to classes.

Modern-day workplaces often require employees to work out of the office, and this is more relevant than ever throughout  COVID-19. Successfully studying online shows employers that you have the determination, resilience, and adaptability to be productive working externally.

Time management is another key skill required for studying online and heavily desired by employers, as it is useful in every industry. Completing an online degree shows potential employers that you know how to manage your time to meet deadlines, even without the motivation of being onsite.

Build your community

There are more ways than ever before to communicate online and build personal and professional relationships with people across the globe. Being able to build your community online is not only essential for your career – but can also assist in meeting fellow students and colleagues from home before joining them on-campus later.

Alice Chen from Flinders University’s International Student Services says their online community is more inclusive and accessible than ever.

Study online with Flinders
Alice Chen – International student services

“We provide as many communication methods as possible for international students. Each semester, we make phone calls to students studying online to ensure they are ready to start studying, get them connected with colleges, and get access to available services. Then we do catchup phone calls to make sure our students have progressed and smoothly transited to Flinders.”

Flinders University also has interactive online platforms for international students to communicate with, specifically an online chat portal and a mentor program.

“We offer an online chat platform for Flinders International students to make friends, socialise and gain professional skills online. We have also implemented the peer mentor program targeting offshore students, as we know these students lack support from their peers and learning environments. This program pairs up commencing offshore students with a senior international student to assist them with a smooth transition to study and overcome the challenges they may face in the first semester.”

Learn more about how the International Student Services team supports you on your Flinders journey – here.

Study online with Flinders
Flinders International Ambassadors are here to help you join your online community

Thi was initially nervous about studying online but being able to connect with an online community has made her degree far more enjoyable.

“It was such a fantastic journey. From being scared of failure at the beginning of the semester, to becoming more confident at the end of the semester, and finishing all of my topics. I also made many friends from different countries which is a sweet part of university life.”

Save money on initial costs

While studying on campus has many benefits, it can also be expensive. The cost of travel, whether public transport or paying for petrol and parking, meals to keep you nourished, and coffee to keep you awake and alert; all add up and can put a dent in your budget.

Studying online not only saves money, but also saves time which can be used for extra work shifts, upskilling yourself in other ways, staying active, pursuing hobbies and even just relaxing and maintaining mental wellbeing.

Githmi Yatigammana, who is completing a Master of Public Policy and Management online from Sri Lanka, sees both the short and long-term financial benefits from studying online.

Discover more information about studying a Master of Public Policy and Management – here.

“Studying online saves time and money and is ideal for a person who is busy with their jobs and family, since one can study in the comfort of your own home,” she says. “While studying on campus allows interactions, it takes away the flexibility provided through online learning,”

“It is comparatively more expensive than online learning due to transport costs and also demands a lot of your time. This could even affect you after university as it can impact your financial status and family life.”

Study at home with Flinders
Thi Huong Nguyen at home with her family.

Study at your own pace

For some, studying online can be a huge advantage as it allows people to put valuable time and resources into other important aspects of life while still receiving a university education. It also allows you to manage your own time without the constraints of having to attend class in person.

If you need to catch up on sleep, you can sleep in and turn on your computer as soon as you wake up to begin your day of study. Need to prepare meals for the week? Take a study break or even listen to a lecture while you cook. You’ll be able to attend social events at any time of day and plan your study to suit your needs – rather than being restricted to a strict class timetable.

Studying for an online degree allows you to be flexible and deal with whatever life throws at you without missing out on important learning opportunities.

The convenience of studying in her own time made life outside of study easier to manage for Githmi.

“I did not have to spend time dressing up or leave my house or working hard to attend lectures. I simply needed a computer and an Internet connection. There are no rigid timetables, and I could study any time of the day. It was simple.”

For more information on how to apply for online study with Flinders University, click here.
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