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For Flinders Master of Information Technology student Shan Gao, his childhood love of gaming ignited a lifelong passion for computing.

“I really loved playing computer games as a child,” he says. “I have been interested in computers and how they run ever since.”

The decision to choose a career in computer science was unshakeable for the enthusiastic gamer. “That is why I chose to study Master of Information Technology and Computer Game Development – and I haven’t looked back.”

A future-forward career

It was a shrewd and future-forward career choice for the young game-obsessed Shan. With the emergence of Industry 4.0 – the next generation of manufacturing and the fourth industrial revolution – demand for skilled professions in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer science, and data analysis will prove critical.

“Right now, we are living in an internet age. Coding can change the world,” says Shan. “In my degree, programming is my major – my main course is coding C++ and Java.”

As commercial demand for skilled workers in these rapidly-evolving industries increases, Flinders continues to evolve. Alongside the development of a new suite of postgraduate courses in data science, information technology, and computer science – the university continues its significant investment in training, development, and education facilities.

Future proof your career by studying Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the future of industry across the globe, and studying a Master of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) offers you the chance to develop advanced skills and knowledge in a field with strong growth potential.

You’ll be at the leading edge of neural networking, machine learning, data mining, natural language, information retrieval and computer vision. Your studies will include functional and logic programming languages – including various experimental languages. You can help shape the future of areas as diverse as health, business, security, and driverless transport.

Graduate fully prepared for careers in areas such as public and private agencies, start-up companies and consultancies. Career opportunities extend beyond the computing industry into intelligent transport and logistics, buildings and infrastructure, health, aerospace and defence.

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State-of-the-art facilities meet world-class teaching

“Flinders not only have high-quality teaching – their facilities are also very advanced,” says Shan, of his Tonsley Campus experience.

Flinders students, researchers, and graduates are thriving at the booming Tonsley Innovation District. The site has become a catalyst for startups and entrepreneurs, and a base for dozens of companies and highly skilled workers, giving Flinders University students real-world industry engagement on their doorstep.

No. 1 in AUSTRALIA in Computing & Information Systems for overall quality of educational experience The Good Universities Guide 2020 (postgraduate)

This includes BAE Systems Australia and Naval Group Pacific, rising small-medium enterprises such as SAGE Automation, Micro-X, and Innovyz, and international companies including Siemens, Tesla, ZEISS, and Motherson.

The Tonsley site’s 20-year development plan is making it South Australia’s hub of high-value manufacturing and a leading example of adaptive reuse and industrial transformation, focusing on four key industry sectors: Cleantech and renewable energy; Health, medical devices, and assistive technologies; Mining and energy services; and Automation, software, and simulation.

Flinders Tonsley Lab
Tonsley Laboratory

Internationally recognised degrees

“I’m enjoying the learning environment,” Shan says. “I would recommend Flinders because it’s a high world ranking university. After I finish my studies, I know I’m going to have good skills for coding that can help get me a job anywhere in the world. ”

Flinders’ postgraduate Computer Science, Data Science and Information Technology degrees have been designed to be accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). ACS accreditation is recognised internationally for entry to professional practice by seven other accrediting bodies through the Seoul Accord.

Study a globally relevant, industry-linked degree with a Master of Data Science

If you’re a graduate with a previous degree in IT or computer science, like Shan, but looking to upgrade your knowledge and skill in this dramatically changing area, the Flinders Master of Data Science provides the perfect opportunity.

Continuing advances in technology, and the growing complexity of big data is leading us towards a world where an incredible amount of information is at our fingertips. And with it – creating a need for specialists who can both make sense of, and find, new insights from all that information to create innovative solutions.

Take charge of your future and position yourself as a specialist fully prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world – with a globally relevant, industry linked degree that will give you the skills to pursue a high-level career in a wide range of industry sectors.

“Studying at Flinders will be a good memory in my life because not only have I learned about technology here – I have also made many lifelong friends from different countries.”

From the little boy who delighted in playing computer games, to preparing to step into his future career as a programmer; Shan is confident in his choices.

“I think I’m going to find work very easily. If you like computer programming, if you like coding, trust me, Master of Information Technology at Flinders is the best choice.”

Discover our new suite of postgraduate Information, Communication and Technology courses – here. If you have any questions about studying Information Technology online, get in touch with our friendly team – here.
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