Find your Readings!


Have you been wondering how to find the important readings and articles for your topic?

We can help!

The Readings collection contains items such as textbooks and required readings for topics taught at Flinders. They may be either in hardcopy format (e.g. book,  DVD) or electronic format  (scanned chapter or link to an online article.) You can see whether your topic has Readings by checking the Readings tab in the Library Catalogue.

You can also go to your topic home page in FLO and click on the Readings link to see a list of all your topic readings.  Some will be available online, and some may be available in print.

Readings in hardcopy format will be located in the Readings collection held at the Loans Desk in one of the branches of the Flinders Library. Take the call number to the relevant Loans Desk and staff will retrieve the item for you. You may borrow  a Readings item or 2 hours for use within the Library.

eReadings may be accessed online 24/7, on campus or from home (following authentication with your FAN and password.) For more information on how to connect to an eReading, link to the interactive tutorial on the Library’s Online Tutorials webpage.

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