Your time@the Library. Complete the survey & enter the draw for an iPod touch


During the week 11th-17th October the Library is surveying students who spend time on Level 1 of the Central Library and in the Law Library.  We are conducting research to evaluate the effectiveness of recent changes to the layout in each library so that we can continue to plan well for future services and facilities.

We ask all survey respondents to write the time of entry on the front page of the survey form. Then when you open the form, there are questions about what kind of activities brings you to the Library. You will be asked to mark on a map where you go in the Library (just on Level 1 or in Law) and then to record what you activities you actually undertake. Finally, we ask you to record your departure time. Please feel welcome to ask for assistance at any of the Library’s service desks.

The survey is anonymous. There will be a collection box for completed survey forms near the exits of Central and Law Library. To go into the draw for an iPod touch, you are invited to complete the separate slip enclosed in the survey form and to deposit it in the draw box as you leave.

Thank you for your participation.

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