Summer renovations

renovationsListed below are some of the changes which we hope will be in place by the beginning of the 2011 academic year. We apologise for any disruption while the renovations are underway, but are confident that these improved facilities will enhance our library service.

Discussion Rooms
There will be an additional two small group discussion rooms on Level 2 of Central Library; three small group discussion rooms in the Law Library on Level 3.

Computing Labs
Nearly 50 PCs will be relocated into two new labs that will be built on Level 1 of Central Library. These labs will be a shared teaching and student facility with data projection, flexible partitioning, whiteboards, individual and group study desks.

There will be fewer student PCs available in Central Library while the building works are in progress.

Audio-Visual Collection
Central Library has begun a project to replace its VHS collection with DVDs. This collection will move to Level O.

Microfilm Collection
The microfilm collection and reading area will move to Level O of Central Library. Most of the collection will be in Room 010; the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) materials within the Level O periodicals. Importantly, the library is purchasing a new state of the art microfilm viewer and scanner with a greater range of magnification settings and digital framing.

Silent Study Room
This will be available on Level O from the beginning of Semester 1, 2011.

Borrow Collection
We are building a special purpose room on Level 3 (in Special Collections) to house the Borrow Collection.

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