What is the Red Cross Karma Collection?

The Karma Collection is a clothing donation program aiming to increase the quality and quantity of items donated to Red Cross stores – and in turn, dish out some positive Karma for those involved.

The idea is simple: Red Cross hold a ‘Karma Collection’ at your university, enabling you to donate good quality clothing and accessories into a provided clothing donation boxes a.k.a Karma Machines. Red Cross then collects the donated items at the end of the campaign – simple!

What is a Karma Machine?

A Karma Machine is a finely tuned piece of cosmic technology disguised as a large cardboard box (95cm high x 60cm x 60cm) and is fuelled by donations of clothing and accessories.

To produce good karma, it requires good quality clothes and accessories to run. So, if you wouldn’t wear it because of the condition it’s in, chances are we can’t resell it.

 What will Red Cross do with the donations?

The donated items will be sold in Red Cross retail stores around South Australia. The stores raise money to support the everyday work of Red Cross helping vulnerable people in the community. For more information on the humanitarian services Red Cross provides visit redcross.org.au

How do I maximise my karma?

Red Cross is currently experiencing a severe shortage in WINTER CLOTHING. People who donate these items will receive higher than normal amounts of karma!

Along with those items above, good karma is also coming your way for:

•             High quality clothing

•             Fashion accessories (shoes handbags, belts, scarves, hats, jewellery etc)

•             For extra karma, shoes, handbags and belts should be near new

•             Clean and wearable items

•             Fashionable goods

Bad karma is guaranteed for things we can’t sell:

•             Stained, soiled, tears or holes

•             Out of shape

•             Pilling or rubbing

•             Faulty zip, bad hems

•             Corporate logo uniformskarma Machine

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