Reconciliation Week Library Tour

Library Tour of Special Collections for Reconciliation Week 2013Thanks to all those that attended the Reconciliation Week tours! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we had fun, all learned new things & forged stronger connections. The Library & Yunggorendi Centre are always working to support you and provide you with rich resources.

We recognise that Flinders was established on the lands of the Kaurna nation with the main Flinders campus located near Warriparinga. Warriaparinga is a significant site in the complex and multi-layered Dreaming of ancestral being Tjilbruke. For the Kaurna nation, Tjilbruke was a keeper of the fire and a peace maker/law maker. Tjilbruke continues to be part of the living culture and traditions of the Kaurna people. His spirit lives in the land and waters, in the Kaurna people and in the glossy ibis (known as Tjilbruke for the Kaurna). Through Tjilbruke the Kaurna continue their creative relationship with their country, its spirituality and its stories. For more information about Warriparinga see:

Flinders University recognises the unique position of all Indigenous Australians as First Nations people, and aims to provide all our students and staff with an understanding of and respect for traditional and contemporary Indigenous cultures.

Education is a fundamental part of the reconciliation process. The Library is proud to support reconciliation by providing access to information and the necessary information literacy tools to maximise the gains in knowledge for all students and researchers. By doing so, the Library assists in not only acknowledging the past, but also creating a shared future of equality and respect

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