Medical Library Opens 24/7

Great News!
The University has negotiated with SA Health to open the branch of the Flinders Library at Medical 24/7 for university students, staff and SA Health staff. We thank you for your understanding and patience if there are teething issues with your access. Please read on.

General access during business hours

The Library is located on level 5 of Building E of the Flinders Medical Centre (FMC), adjacent to the office for the Colleges of Medicine and Public Health and Nursing and Health Sciences. General and visitor access to the Library is via the FMC main entrance on level 1. (Go to level 2, and walk along the Concourse to the frog lifts. Take the lifts to level 5.)

The main doors to the Medical Library are freely open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Library staff are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Access to the Library during business hours does not require an access card.

After-hours access for students and staff

After-hours access is defined as on weekdays after 5pm and before 8am, and on weekends and public holidays. When the Medical Library main doors are locked, you will need to swipe in with a SALHN access ID card. A number of university students who are based in FMC will already have a SALHN ID card that has been activated for after-hours access.

If you (inc. current Flinders University students, staff, and SA Health staff) have a SAHLN Access ID card but it does not open the Medical Library doors after-hours, go to FMC Security (level 2 near the North/Kangaroo lifts) and ask them to review and adjust your access.

We hope to verify with FMC Security a streamlined process for other students to apply for a SALHN access ID card. However, please note that an application requires both approval from a university manager and a photo taken at the FMC Security office and hence is not an immediate process.

After-hours access to and exit from FMC

For safety reasons FMC request that all night entries and exits are made through the main hospital entrance on level 1.

Using the FMC Southern Entrance Level 4

Daytime and early evening access to the FMC building may be via the Southern Entrance on level 4. (This is signposted when you walk through the tunnel under Ring Road, leading from the Health Sciences buildings. Carparking spaces for people holding disability permits are adjacent to the Southern Entrance.) People will need to present a SALHN ID card (or Flinders ID card) and complete the COVID-19 QR code check in. If you do not have your Flinders ID or SALHN ID card you will be treated as a visitor and be diverted to another entrance to follow the visitor entry protocol.

Entry requirements to FMC may change depending upon the changing COVID-19 situation and SA Health directives

Tips for after-hours use

  • Bring your SALHN ID card and also your Flinders ID card (for borrowing print materials via the self-check.)
  • To enter the Library after-hours, swipe your SALHN card on the white mechanism to the left of the doors. Close the door firmly behind you after entry.
  • There is a Security phone (in front of the printers) for use if you have any security concerns in the space. This will connect you to FMC Security (8204 4569). FMC Security Office is on level 2 near the N/kangaroo lifts.
  • To exit the Library when the doors are shut, press the powered green button to the left of the doors and push through. Please close the door firmly after you.
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