Library support for topic preparation

The library is here to help get topic resources up and running for the new semester.


Please notify the library of assigned textbooks by submitting a Textbook notification via Service One. Please do this as early as possible to allow the library time to purchase any new items and check that the book is available to all students on and off campus.

For guidance on selecting a textbook, please see the quick guide on selecting a textbook.


Your existing Readings list will be rolled over by the library, but we recommend reviewing the contents for currency, availability, and to ensure links are working.
The following assistance is available:

Student skill enhancement

The library has a range of self-help resources, learning activities, and support options for teaching students how to find and engage with academic literature and using generative AI. 

Submit a request for Embedding library skills in my topic via Service One and a staff member will make a recommendation based on your topic learning outcomes.

You can also view the list of modules available in FLO which you can direct students to (see information on using the new Canvas links).

Embedding Indigenous knowledges in the curriculum

You can request support for embedding Indigenous knowledges into the curriculum; the library can provide tailored recommendations for culturally appropriate content to enrich your topic with Indigenous voices and perspectives. To access this service, submit an Online Content request via Service One.

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