Library self-help resources now in Canvas 

The library provides a number of self-paced searching modules which were previously hosted in old FLO (Moodle) and are now available in new FLO (Canvas).  If you have a link to any of the following resources in your topic, the links may need to be updated to direct students to the new version.  

The resources we have available for incorporating into topics are:

  • Library World: Introduces students to using information in an academic setting.  
  • Library Quick Bites: A one-stop-shop for all of the Library’s shorter, self-help guides, videos, and worksheets. 
  • Searching with Confidence: Steps through the fundamentals of searching for academic literature.  
  • Systematic Literature Searching: Guides users through the process of searching systematically for literature. Ideal for honours, masters, and PhD students.  

What you need to do 

We have provided the updated links below which any teaching team member can use to replace the previous links to Moodle. If you would like assistance with this process, please contact the Library’s Education Engagement team via Service One; we are here to make this process as easy as possible for you during this transition to Canvas.

New permanent URLs (please copy and paste links as they appear below so that they work each year, rather than copying from the browser address bar in FLO): 

 Need help? 

Please reach out to the Library’s Education Engagement team via Service One or via email 

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