International Women & Girls in Science Day

In honour of International Women & Girls in Science Day, we had a chat with one of our star STEM graduates, Phillipa Tsirgiotis, who was recently awarded the Best Biomedical Engineering Project Award at Flinders’ annual innovation expo.

Her project involved developing a medical device known as a shoulder mobiliser, and test the device to improve outcomes for patients recovering from shoulder surgery.

“It was great to see that I could actually make a difference through something that I’d spent a year creating. This was something that people could see a benefit to their own lives.” says Phillipa.

When asked what led her to a wanting a career in science, she says “it started when I was in high school and I had an amazing female physics teacher who really inspired me. I had two female maths teachers as well who really encouraged me to see how capable I was in those areas and from there I decided to go into engineering at Uni.”

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