Two new nutrition courses adds to department’s suite

nutrition-banner-new-courses-002We are very excited to introduce two new courses in 2017, the Bachelor of Human Nutrition and the combined degree, the Bachelor of Human Nutrition and Bachelor of Exercise Science. These courses will join our Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics courses thereby offering a suite of five options for prospective students interested in nutrition or dietetics. The Bachelor Health Sciences (Nutrition) is continuing under the capable stewardship of Dr Kathryn Jackson. It has been a busy four months promoting the new courses, developing videos, webinars, a web presence and various promotional events. More can be found on our updated home page and Flinders web page or by contacting the Course Coordinator, Louisa Matwiejczyk. This year has cumulated in a networking event with prospective students, staff and a panel discussion including two recent graduates in nutrition and dietetics respectively, Ben Tripodi and Joyce Haddad APD. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of the profession, volunteer students, recent graduates in nutrition (health sciences) and dietetics as well as industry stakeholders. Given Australian’s health, new evidence for nutrition recommendations and nutrition misinformation in the public realm, we are very much looking forward to supporting and skilling the next generation of nutritionists, nutrition scientists and dietitians.

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