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  1. Communicated before,was going to contribute based on “being there” as part of the group of promoters that introduced coin operated pong. One of a few competitive business driven by latest product got best locations my specialty was procuring locations and knocking out competitors in process. Unusual biz model based on biz. opportunity. Machines were always the realm of the promoter look at the old boys Trnds in Australian culture were important to locations. Tables and nature of games put them into places that never had machines so anything would fascinate them.Pin balls pool such in public bars but these went into Saloon bar lounge not so good for take they were there for music on the most part.League clubs same thing and of course wine Bars.Journey’s End?
    After whole thing industry sorted out to you knew the clientele and just give them what worked. Last game I did was basketball where they threw the ball into a net. Word “THROW” big problem throw can mean at your mate across the bar for example. See you are part of university. When I was doing all this I was trying to look at the industry through the eyes of a junior economist just a USA bachelors later Masters which gave me an insight into illegal video gambling that no one can combine. Let me know if I can fit,Michael Kudla.
    Last time I got response Norton gave a huge warning.

  2. Hi Barry,
    Yes, but our project aims to get locally made games into the collections of local cultural institutions (our partners – ACMI and Nga Taonga Sound and Vision). It’s important that these titles are in such collections. We are aware of the great work of fan preservationist groups and often collaborate with such groups. And we recognise that there are lots of ways that museums can collaborate with fan groups, and there’s lots to be learnt. But a museum collection is different from a file on a website online. Thus we are trying to secure physical copies of these titles, so that they can go into the archive and be there, preserved, for future uses/users.

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