Play it Again presented a panel “How can we save our games history?” at PAX Australia’s three day massive games festival – part of Melbourne’s International Games week and host to many thousands of wonderful videogamers, boardgamers, cosplayers, makers and geeks.

Our panel covered the different challenges of game preservation, combining the knowledges of retro gamers, collectors and professional archivists, curators and collection managers.  It featured: Curator and Historian Helen Stuckey; ACMI Collections Manager, Nick Richardson; Archivist Caroline Choong, Collector and Historian, Marcus Schmerl, and Retrogamer and Indie Developer Rob Caporetto.

Thank you to everyone who came for your great questions and your enthusiasm for saving games history. We were lucky to be there and have the chance to check out PAX’s Classic Gaming Area.

PAX audience

You can find the slides here.

List of games Play it Again is looking for copies of.

PAX panel set up Rob_Caroline_helen

PAX – the Penny Arcade Expo is for gamers to celebrate gaming culture. Australia’s annual event, held in Melbourne, is the only PAX held outside the USA.


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