Prof. Ron Labonté speaks on tobacco control, trade, and farming in Sub-Saharan Africa

Prof Fran Baum, Dr George Tsourtos, Prof Ron Labonté & Dr Toby Freeman

Prof. Ron Labonté, from the Institute of Population Health at the University of Ottawa, and Adjunct Professor and frequent collaborator and  visitor at the Southgate Institute, presented on Tuesday night on his research work in Zambia, Malawi, and Kenya on tobacco control, trade, and farming.

Prof. Labonté critiqued the rhetoric of tobacco company defences of tobacco control measures such as Australia’s plain packaging laws, and provided evidence against the ‘livelihood’ defence that African farmers relied on tobacco to make a living. The research, as well as providing groundbreaking data, incorporated engagement with tobacco framers, presenting the findings back to them to gain their insight on what was needed to move away from tobacco production.

Dr. George Tsourtos led the subsequent question and answer session as the local discussant, drawing on his experience in tobacco control research.

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