Adequately mental preparation was made before I came to Flinders—a literally independent life, the possible culture shock, and a place full of strangers. Surprisingly enough, none of them become obstacles to the lively uni life. From the airport reception, to the housing recommendation, to the considerate and organized orientation activities, saying I’m moved is an understatement.

Here, I find classmates of all ages, nationalities and races. I am surprised by how energetic and diligent a man can be in the middle or even senior ages. For them, study, or the search of knowledge is a lifelong pursuit, or some kind of belief. Also, I’m amazed by the vigorous consecutive overnight parties. Although, I have to admit, Adelaide is far more tranquil and smaller than Beijing, or even my hometown. I’m still on the way to get used to the early closed shops and the break-on-weekend buses. Gradually, I adjust to the slow pace of life here. Undoubtly, I’ll suffer severe counter culture shock when back to Beijing.

Sometimes, when I feel gloomy and disheartened, I’ll sing myself “What a Wonderful World” from Luis Armstrong. Here, I see everything in the lyrics, as well as the Sonnet 18 from Shakespeare, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”.

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