April in Australia

   The month of April has been a busy one! At the beginning of the month some new international friends and myself went on a kayaking trip with ISSU to Port Adelaide and even saw a dolphin! Then, as usual, it felt as if every single assignment, paper and presentation for the semester was due on the same day. After what felt like days of research, essay writing and preparing for class, the time came to hand everything in. And with a great sigh of relief the submit button was pressed and the mid-semester break was upon us.

ISSU kayaking trip!

I am in a Coastal Studies topic and started the break off with a field trip to compare and contrast South Australian beaches. Now to the local kids in the class, this may have just been another day at the beach. But for a travelling Canadian the beaches were amazing (even if it was just a school field-trip). I got to see Goolwa, Horseshoe Bay and Waitpinga Beach.


For my Australian Indigenous Art class we took a little trip to the Gallery of South Australia to see the art exhibition Dark Heart.

No time was wasted after that! I rented one of the infamous Wicked camper vans to drive from Adelaide to Melbourne and everywhere in between. Two Canadians, two French and one German called this van home for one whole week. The trip was quite a cozy one and highlights include the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne and Grampians National Park.

Road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne and back.


The second week of the break was spent in Bali because, well, why not? Bali was an amazing experience and made me want to see much more of Indonesia. We visited the noisy, party district of Kuta, the more relaxed and jungle-like Ubud, and the gorgeous white-sand beaches of Gili Trawangan. I was lucky enough to travel with new friends from Flinders and meet up with old friends from Vancouver in Bali which was awesome!


Sometimes I forget there is still schoolwork to be done. But now that the mid-semester break is over, I guess it’s back to work!

Rice terraces Ubud, Indonesia.
Beautiful Gili Islands, Indonesia.
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