Life 17.5 Hours Ahead (Pt.2) – as told by a Vancouverite

Living in a completely new environment can be overwhelming, even in an ideal place like Australia. If you’re uncertain and a little worried about where you might end up – I suggest applying to live on-campus, especially if you are only here for a semester or two. I love living in the DJ Village units, which is like a shared apartment. I’m on the top floor so there’s nice view from the balcony too. But if you don’t like to cook, the Uni Hall would be a great option, as it caters your meals.

My unit in the DJ Village, and it’s only one floor. There’s also townhouses, which are older and an actual house with 2 floors.

Another great thing about living on-campus is the amount of students you are surrounded by. There are also a lot of social events encouraging people in the village to interact with each other. I have never once regretted my decision to live on-campus. My whole flat has a great bond and I know I will miss them all a lot when I return home.

This is my whole flat all crammed in a small photo booth probably made for 2. We’re a little crazy… sometimes (:

PS – A lot of people complain about the buses here in Adelaide, but I’ve never really had a problem with it. It may be because living at Flinders is pretty central to get to places 🙂

A little bonus of the night scenery from the balcony. We like to think our flat has the best view, which is kinda hard to beat!
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