TA in SA – Part 2

Going against the norm of big trips to Melbourne and Sydney, I went on a road trip with my fantastic roommate to her auntie and uncle’s farm in the Grampians. As any good road trip should be, it was filled with eating greasy hot chips and ice cream treats, scream-singing along to obnoxious pop music, and stopping at ridiculous tourist stops like the Jeep on a Pole and the Giant Koala. I got to spend four days living the farm life – milking cows, feeding the pigs, herding the sheep, and chopping firewood – and of course enjoying the gorgeous views from the foot of the Grampians.

Our view from the farm at the foot of the Grampians…and some kangaroos in the distance too!

I can now add some more Aussie critters onto my list: tiger snake, huntsman spider, baby scorpion, wallaby, dozens of kangaroos, and TWO ECHIDNAS! I got to spend a night camping at Mount Arapiles…such a gorgeous place to be (even if you’re not an avid rock climber)! I’m sticking to my word and exploring the city by checking out all the hip cafes…I always get super excited when I find a rustic gem that has gluten-free, allergen-friendly treats and yummy coffees for me to enjoy whilst doing my readings for uni.

Just chilling on the grass with a wild kanagaroo…no big deal.

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