The Midway Point



My time at Flinders is almost coming to an end! There are only 7 weeks left before the final exam period is over and I will fly to Cairns to travel down the east coast. I just got back from my semester break, in which I went to Melbourne and Gold Coast. I drove the Great Ocean Road and explored the city in Melbourne and surfed and partied when I was in Gold Coast. It has been an amazing 2 weeks and I could finally see the true beauty of Australia in person. Now I have to get back to work though. The final period of the semester is also the heaviest, with exams and assignments coming up in a short time. So even though there are a lot of fun and amazing experiences on the horizon, I need to stay focused and pass my courses first. I am confident that I will pull it off though, and the hard work that I put in now will make the holiday at the end of the semester only better.

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