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In the last month I have completed the most exciting trip that I have ever been on.   I travelled around the west coast of Australia, visiting Airlie beach and the Whitsunday islands, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Melbourne.  Starting at Airlie beach I earned my scuba diving certification while on a boat trip that (shout out to the Anaconda III) took us to the Great Barrier Reef.  I took some great pictures and videos and saw sea-life up close that I hadn’t even seen in a museum before.  When touring the Whitsunday Islands we stopped up at the famous Whitehaven beach which, by the way, is absolutely beautiful! Whitest smoothest sand that I have ever seen.


The next stop was Brisbane, in which I saw the Riverfire festival and witnessed an amazing fireworks display over the river. It was not too long after arriving in Brisbane that I headed off to the gold coast and visited one of the theme parks.  Even for someone who lives a short distance from the famous Disney World,  Movie World still was quite enjoyable and provided a fair share amount of thrills.


Melbourne, my final stop, is now probably one of my favorite cities.  I am a true coffee fanatic, and as the coffee capital of Australia how could I not love it?  Besides all of the cafes, one of the most memorable experiences was the National Gallery of Victoria.  I myself am not a huge fan of art, however the hermitage exhibit was nothing short of magnificent.  Practically everything from the exhibit was owned by Catherine the great; it is like unbelievable how much wealth and power monarchs had in her era.


By far the most fun I have had in years!




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