Tokyo: Friends and Experiences

Coming to Tokyo was extremely daunting. Most Japanese people don’t speak English and the city is extremely busy. I was nervous about not being good enough at Japanese to be able to live comfortably for the short 6 months I am staying here.

After orientation week, I had made a few friends. There are many exchange students from all over and it has been absolute heaven interacting with other cultures from around the world. I’ve been here 2 months and I can honestly say that I’m enjoying the intensity of Uni and the intensity of the city itself. Uni is great, I get to be a part of a club and there is a designated hour to lunch time and no classes run during this time. It’s fantastic!

Homesickness set in quite quickly for me and I was a little sad and confused for a week or two there. Having finally settled in I am more than happy here with the lifestyle. I have my own apartment with a supermarket situated across the road, a 24 hour convenience store next door and two restaurants next door also. I live 10 minutes from the train station which goes directly into Shinjuku and a Starbucks up the road too. The convenience of Tokyo amazes me everyday!

It is Autumn here at the moment and watching the beautiful scenery turn from green to orange and red is amazing. I have experienced Tokyo City, Temples, Shrines and I can see Mount Fuji from my apartment building.

Bianca Ambroso, Bachelor of Languages student, Semester 2 2015  exchange at Chuo University, Japan


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