The last exams

I have reached the end of my studies here! But I am not leaving Australia yet; I’ll probably stay on-campus until December 25th (since it is possible to stay longer if you wish). In the meantime, I will travel of course, but I still have to plan this. Anyway, October has been a great month. I made a trip to Darwin and the surrounding national parks (Kakadu & Litchfield), where we hired a van and roadtripped the outback (we didn’t see any crocodiles unfortunately)! Before this awesome trip I went to Marksenfest; an Octoberfest-like festival with unlimited drinks for a set price (which is, of course, great). The week after Darwin a masquerade ball was organized by Flinders Living, which was really cool. The week after that, Flinders Living hosted another party, this time in a Halloween setting (which was yet again fun!). I will leave for a trip to Uluru next week, and Melbourne in 3 weeks, so November looks good so far!

The beauty of Australia in Kakadu National Park.

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