Halloween in the US

All my life I have wanted to celebrate Halloween but being in Australia I never really got the chance as it was always seen as too American. Finally, being in Pennsylvania, U.S.A I got the chance to have a ‘proper’ Halloween. The night started with me and one of my U.S friends getting ready in our costumes. I had decided to dress as Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek- a movie no one over here has seen. We then trying to figure out the best place to go trick-or-treating as neither of us really know the area. We met up with some of the other international students here at W&J and all of us plus my roommate went trick-or-treating.

Many people that we came across thought is was a little strange that a group of about 15 twenty-somethings year olds were trick-or-treating but they also thought it was great to see how happy we were. It was great that whilst we had experienced trick-or-treaters for most of us it was our first time.

After getting all our free candy, we headed over to the Fraternitys. The Frats here are sort of like what you see in the movies but are much much smaller.

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Getting Ready


Mikayla Ashleigh Aldridge, Bachelor of Arts student, currently on Semester 2 2015 exchange at the Washington & Jefferson CollegeUnited States

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