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I leave in less than 3 weeks and it hasn’t completely set in yet. I always thought that I wouldn’t follow the emotional stages of excitement, homesickness, and then serenity, but I definitely did. I’m super comfortable here now, and its sad that I have to leave all the friends I’ve made. I was watching a movie the other day with some friends, and thought about how a month from now all 6 of us will be in 6 different places scattered around the world. It’s going to be weird going back home, but I’m also excited to see everyone. So right now I’m just enjoying my final weeks in Adelaide sleeping, studying, spending time with friends. Having finals spread out over 3 weeks is strange to me, there’s so much time to study and is a lot less stressful than back in the States. I slept in until 3 today, and didn’t really care. A lot of people here sleep in really late, its pretty cool. There’s this one kid who sleeps in late every day, I’ve never seen him before 5 p.m. Oh I’ve still been watching a lot Netflix too. I’m really into Mad Men right now. That’s definitely one thing that I’ve learned from coming here is how to enjoy my free time and relax. I wonder often how its gonna be when I go back and how I’m gonna be when I go back.

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