Half way through my BU experience

Hi everyone!
So I am basically at the halfway point of the Spring Semester here in Butler University, and it has been such an amazing experience.

From the great people I’ve met, to the College Basketball games (with free student tickets!), to the different things I’ve been learning in all of my classes, and Spring Break.

The community at Butler University is close knit since it’s such a small university compared to Flinders University. The classes are small which gives me an opportunity to actually get to know the professors, as well as other students. Because it’s easier to get to know other students here (smaller classes, living on campus), I’ve felt like everyone has been very welcoming!

College basketball in the U.S. has been so incredible, I’ve been to almost every game since I have arrived here because the tickets are free. At each and every game, it’s always such a show, with the live band, talented cheerleaders and dancers, and of course the enthusiasm of the Butler Bull dawgs fans. It’s been fascinating to get the chance to see these games at Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Spring Break in Miami is an iconic kind of American College student thing to do, so along with 13 other international students, we spent a week of Spring Break in South Beach, Miami. It was so beautiful, and definitely a much needed break from the freezing, snowy Indianapolis we had just had. We walked along Ocean Drive, relaxed in the sun on the beaches of South Beach, as well as ride our bikes exploring Key West.

There’s been way too many highlights during my time here so far, but I can’t believe I’m now halfway through my experience, Butler feels like home to me already!

Selina Baguio, a Bachelor of Education (Primary R-7), Bachelor of Arts student, Semester 1 2016 exchange at Butler University, United States

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At a basketball game
At a basketball game
Selina with the University's mascot
Selina with the University’s mascot
Snow in Indianapolis
Snow in Indianapolis
Spring break at Miami
Spring break at Miami
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