Hi Flinders!

It has been a wonderful time since I got to Flinders University! People here are very nice and they are willing to help me to get through the first week. I am proud to say that studying at Flinders is one of the best choices I have made!

I was first welcome by the arrival pick-up services team organized by the ISS. The staff was nice and helpful. She drove us to our accommodation and we went to buy groceries on our way to Flinders. This service helped me a lot as I did not need to worry about the transportation to Flinders Hall. Tips for other exchange students, make good use of this service!

I live in the University Hall so I joined the Hall Orientation. The activities were fun and I loved the bush dance the most. It was totally an amazing experience for me. We learnt and danced at the same time under the guidance of the singers. I had never done this before and it was so fun.

Life here is great. My friends and I joined the Cleland Wildlife Park tour which organized by the ISS in February and we got a chance to touch a koala! Animals there were cute and we all had a great time.

Mid-semester break is coming, can’t wait to travel to New Zealand!!!

Ho Ching Leung is currently on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong 

Orientation at the University Hall
Orientation at the University Hall 
Ho Ching with a koala at Cleland Wildlife Park
Ho Ching with a koala at Cleland Wildlife Park
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