Mid-Semester Break & More

Since last month, my study abroad experience here at Flinders has only gotten better. I’m especially thankful for the added bonus of having a mid-semester break for two whole weeks–something I wouldn’t have had at my university back home. Knowing that I had so much time to explore, I made sure to use every second of it.

First, I went to Melbourne, where I ate the best vegetarian food and saw the best street art in my entire life. Melbourne reminds me a lot of my home city, but even cooler, and there’s so much to do there.

Then, I drove from Adelaide all the way to Alice Springs, stopping at Lake Eyre, King’s Canyon, and Uluru. Uluru was stunning. I stood amazed as we watched it change colours with the setting sun (the same sun that, unfortunately, also got me sunburnt).

I encourage any future or current inbound students to see as much of Australia as possible. The desert is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and seeing emus from the car as we drove seemed particularly impressive. If you’re not averse to sleeping outdoors, there are also an abundance of nice camp sites for very cheap prices.

My break, as well as my studies, have been incredible so far in Adelaide.

Addison Woodside is on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Pacific University: Semester 1 2017

City of Melbourne
Brighton Bathing Boxes in Melbourne
An outback sunset
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