Act 1! Journey to Australia


After a 27- hour trip from the United States I FINALLY made it to Australia!! I got here a few weeks before school so I would be able to adjust to the time change (which took a few weeks). I was super nervous that I would get lost and because I didn’t really know anyone I was more nervous. I did know two people before I came here which made the transition easier! I had my birthday before school started and I went to see kangaroos and koalas! Best birthday EVER!

Orientation was so helpful in so many ways. It really informed me about the international program and Flinders. On top of that, I made some of my great friends  from there. I’m so grateful for the lunch after because we really got to know each other then.

My program is now in it’s 4th week! As soon as I entered the Drama program at Flinders I felt so welcomed. Everyone opened their minds and heart to the foreigner interrupting their class of 11. I’m so excited for more adventures I will  go on in the Land down under

Bye for now!!

Jessica Scheno on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Columbia College Chicago, the United States: Semester 2 2017

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