Mid-break in Tasmania… ¨Too easy mate!¨

The calendar fades quickly, I cannot believe that the mid-break is over; it is time to go back to Uni life.

In the last few months, I traveled a bit through parts of Australia. I visited Victor Harbour, camping in the beautiful Deep Creek Park, did many hikes, climbing and a ten day trip to Tasmania was transformed into a great adventure of a month!

As soon as I arrived in this amazing island, Will and his family gave me a great welcome in Hobart. We went around the city, visited the museums, the harbour, and parks… Just two days and I already experienced the warmth that usually island´s people have, a community sense.

It was because of the kindness of a stranger that I had a lift to Launceston, where Brodie was waiting for me, and I was about to learn more about the Tassie style, ¨too easy, mate¨. We visited Ben Lomond, enjoyed the snow, did four-wheel drive in the mountains and traveled to Devonport to meet more friends.

After an incredible weekend, I returned to Hobart to start a ten-day road trip with three wonderful people, Jen (France), Maria (Mexico) and Aiysha (Wales). Together we made more than 1,300km on the island, we went from the snow to the beach, visited places like Mount Field National Park, Queenstown, Strahan, Cradle Mountain, Bay of Fires, Freycinet National Park, Port Arthur, Hobart… We did many hikes, we laughed and played around a lot … we have a great time together. There are experiences and people who stay in us forever. Thanks girls for this remarkable trip together!

I finished my trip between the charming village of Cygnet and Launceston, with my crazy friend Brodie, with a funny anecdote, in which I had to drive 60km on Hwy and on mountain route in sig-sag. For those who do not know me, I have a driver’s license but I do not drive, and imagine having to do it on the opposite side that I am use to. Thanks for the incredible experience of wanting to give up our friendship, I appreciate it a lot mate. Lol

What makes a place unique is the people who share it with us.

See ya later!


PS: Thanks to everyone who shared the journey with me, for your generosity, for opening the doors of your home, for give me a hand in everything I needed, for the time, the stories, the beautiful opportunity to know each other.

Dianela Jael Gahn on a semester exchange at Flinders University from Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina: Semester 2 2017

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