First week in Hong Kong

It has only been a week and already Hong Kong has shown it has a lot to offer, with both some sight seeing and a week into the film festival there hasn’t been a day where I am not busy. This trip has so far been unbelievable, especially past the third day. While I have been having fun, I have unfortunately had really bad jet lag on the second day of the trip but once it passed, my Hong Kong adventure began.

The amount to see in Hong Kong and in the region in general is a bit overbearing and while so far I have been unable to see it all, what I have seen has been amazing. The biggest highlight has to be seeing the Bruce Lee exhibition in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Seeing real props from movies, gear he used for training as well as clips and information about his life was unreal. I also decided to walk up the 10,000 Buddhas and even took a picture with my own Buddha, something you can’t do anywhere else.

The Film Festival has been both up and down with some interesting and great movies to some movies that I didn’t enjoy as much, from seeing the premiere of Omotenashi and Xiao Mei where I decided to dress up a bit, to smaller movies after the opening. While I haven’t enjoyed every movie I’ve seen some of my more favourite ones have been An Elephant Sitting Still, Omotenashi and Ichi The Killer. These movies are some I don’t think I would have ever been able to watch in Australia. As this trip continues I can’t wait to see what the next week brings.

Jack Halket, Bachelor of Arts student has participated in East Asian Film Industry Engagement Program in March-April 2018. The program is funded by the New Colombo Plan by the Australian Government

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