Hong Kong experience begins

Today I landed in Hong Kong as my two week long over-seas study here begins. It is exiting to finally be here and I am already glad I took the opportunity Flinders presented to the students studying Screen and Media. Months of preparation has been well worth it and even fun, from getting to know everyone I will be spending the next fortnight with to watching a mix of classic and modern Asian films to get a taste of what this trip has to offer. The week leading up to this has been both exciting and unreal at times as I never through I would get an opportunity to experience the Hong Kong Film festival so soon in my life.

My journey to Hong Kong began at four in the morning. I got up and made sure everything was ready for our trip. The excitement for the trip stopped me from being tired and after meeting up with everyone at the airport I finally got on a plane for the first time. It was a nine- hour flight, and it being my first one, I must admit I was scared, especially during the turbulence, but it was worth it to finally land in another country for the first time in my life. Hong Kong is different from Australia in many ways from their public transport, to how crowded it can be walking through. I can not wait to get lost exploring the place.

I am thankful to Flinders and everyone who has helped for allowing me to be able to not only go to Hong Kong and see the Film Festival but to let me represent them and Australia in Hong Kong. I can’t wait to write about the experiences I will have during the next few weeks.

Jack Halket, Bachelor of Arts student has participated in East Asian Film Industry Engagement Program in March-April 2018. The program is funded by the New Colombo Plan by the Australian Government

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