Introducing the College Disability Academic Advisors


Each college appoints a member of academic staff as a College Disability Academic Advisor (CDAA). CDAAs act as a point of contact and information for students with disabilities and medical conditions as well as for other members of staff who need to clarify issues relating to reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, and provide information regarding the inherent requirements of the courses within their college.

These are the lovely CDAAs:

*Dr Julie McMillan – Education, Psychology and Social Work

*Ms Jenny Richards – Business, Government and Law

*Ms Didy Button – Nursing and Health Sciences

*Dr Fiona Rillotta – Nursing and Health Sciences

*Mr David Hobbs – Science and Engineering

*Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen – Science and Engineering

These academics are vital in supporting us as Disability Advisors, as they have a whole lot of knowledge specific to teaching in their areas, and they’re an invaluable resource to tap into if you run into any course specific concerns.

It’s still good to get in touch with a Disability Advisor initially if you’ve got questions or concerns about your accommodations on an Access Plan, but we may refer you on to speak with a CDAA if we think it’ll be of benefit to you.

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