Adaptive Technology Rooms Update

With Flinders expanding its campus footprint, its valuable to know where the adaptive technology rooms can be located.

What is this ATR thing anyway!?

Adaptive Technology Rooms (ATR) are study spaces with computers available for use by students with disability. The rooms we have had up in the Central Library (115, 210 and 211), in Sturt and in the Med Library all have specific software installed on them to assist people in different ways.


Adaptive tech, huh??

For some students the use of specific technology, including software is a reasonable adjustment to assist them with their study. The type of software we currently provide includes:

*Jaws: a screen reader – this enables people with low/no vision to utilize normal computer software.

*Zoomtext: it does what it says on the box… enlarges things in a slightly better way than your built in zoom functions.

*Dragon: a voice to text program – basically for speaking your assignments, rather than typing.


We also have a CCTV in the Central Library – not for surveillance… it’s a machine that looks a bit like an overhead projector, but enlarges print materials onto it’s screen for people with a vision impairment to read.


Hey, cool, a quiet study space… How do I get access?

A Disability Advisor will need to help set you up with access to one of the ATRs if you require the software/tech that is available. We don’t currently have a booking system for the rooms, so please be mindful of others need to use the space as well.

To find out if you’re eligible for this service contact Disability Services or 8201 2118, you’ll need to have a Verification Statement completed by your doctor to help us to determine what sort of supports will be right for you.


Hang on, where are these ATRs again?

Bedford Park (24/7 Access)

Central Library

  • 1.15
  • 2.10
  • 2.11


Sturt Campus (24/7 Access)

Sturt Library (West Wing)

  • 3.30B


Tonsley (Normal Office Hours)

  • 1.34


FMC (Normal Office Hours)

  • Building E, Level 5 – 5E234


City Campus

  • Rooms 419 and 421
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