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One of my favourite podcasts produces protocols on a range of study relevant topics (e.g. goal setting, sleep). Learn more in the post. One of my […]

Self Care and Podcasts

  The last few months of my maternity leave, I stumbled into the world of podcasts. I had actually been actively avoiding listening to any due […]

Science of Happiness Podcast

  I’ve spoken previously about the Greater Good Science Center from Berkeley. They produce an excellent website called Greater Good in Action, a repository of techniques […]

Does mental illness exist?

I’m a podcast fan. You can learn all sorts of interesting stuff from podcasts, all while you sit on the bus, or drive to work. ‘All […]

Has your mind been hacked?

It is probably not news to you that companies like Facebook, Coca-Cola and Google want you to spend time and money on their products. The more […]