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The last few months of my maternity leave, I stumbled into the world of podcasts. I had actually been actively avoiding listening to any due to a severe case of option paralysis!

Anyway, I’ve found some really great things to listen to…

I was recently listening to an episode of ‘All In The Mind‘, and some of the content really struck me as being very relevant to students I’ve seen in my role as a Disability Advisor.

The discussion was around anxiety during 2020, and how people who are generally anxious people have been coping with the big changes we’ve seen. One of the main points was about the disruption to self care routines that came about because of restrictions and ‘lockdown’.

In my job, I have seen a lot of students who have anxiety and depression; I often find myself asking them if they have regular self care activities that they partake in, and if they’re remembering to do them during the semester. I’ve had so many students reluctantly admit that although they know it’s important, they’ve let things fall by the way side because they’ve been so focused on their uni work. Especially in the lead up to exams.

As this podcast reminded me – a change in these routine activities can be the difference in a bad day turning into a bad week, or even a bad month.

So, I just wanted to pop this post up, not to try to do Gareth’s job for him, but to check in with everyone.

Is there something you enjoy doing, that you can build into your daily routine that won’t be impacted by external changes? It might just be starting the day off with a big glass of water, or listening to a track from your favourite album. In a year where so much has been out of our control, can you find something small to continue even in during swotvac?

Remember – it’s okay to take a break!


Here’s the link to the podcast that got me thinking, and a few more that I’ve been enjoying for good measure:

Link to a track from one of my favourite albums, because – why not:


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