Student hero of the week

Flinders business student Koby Gelven has the heartfelt gratitude of Adelaide couple Geoff and Cynthia Killian for the ‘knight in shining armour’ support he gave them last week.

Geoff, who has Parkinson’s disease, tripped and fell getting off a bus near Flinders hospital, where he ironically had an appointment with the falls clinic.

Cynthia says Koby supported her husband for the half an hour it took for an ambulance to arrive.

“We are so grateful for this lovely young man – Geoff couldn’t get up and it would have been painful and dangerous to lie down, so Koby physically held him up the whole time, even though this made him late for his class,” she says.

“Several other students also stopped to make sure Geoff was okay, and we’re just so touched by their consideration. It’s given us a good feeling about the calibre of students at Flinders and a sense of hope that all will be right with the world.”

Cynthia says Geoff was not seriously injured and has resumed his regular rehabilitation visits to the hospital.

“We just wanted to congratulate and thank Koby for being such a nice chap!”

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